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Clubhouse & Yard Redevelopment Update

The Clubhouse and Yard redevelopment scheme is often discussed amongst members and it was felt it would be a good idea to give a brief outline each month on the progress made.  

As at the end of March 2018 the situation is as follows:

  • SDP are working on the draft contract and licences with our legal advisors;
  • A publicity leaflet is being compiled to go out to local residents and affected parties (including our own members) in order to forewarn them of our planning application submission;
  • The site and clubhouse design has now been signed off and our professional consultants are now workling on producing the required planning documentation.  The aim is to submit this to the Planning Department in April;
  • As soon as the planning application has been submitted, work will begin on the detail design for the site and clubhouse.  This will include value engineering to ensure the detail design is affordable within the overall project budget and any tweaking required fits with all member requirements;
  • The clearance of the site from west to east (as far as the main slipway) will start in April.  A programme of works will be agreed between the Boatswains team and our professional consultants.  This will require a five month programme and notices will be issued to all those affected so there will be no surprises;
  • The reduction in capacity in the boatyard will be started once the Easter rush of boat launches has concluded;
  • Sailability have engaged with a fundraising professional who is hoping to gain grant and donor funding to bring in improved and enhanced features to aid disabled sailing from the new clubhouse.  Sailability and SYC would not be able to afford these things within their current budgets.