SYC Summer Cruise 2018


Whilst the weekend rallies have continued as usual over the last couple of years, SYC has not enjoyed a Summer Cruise since 2015. A group of skippers got together earlier this year for the purpose of rectifying that situation and this is the result.

The cruise is planned to take place over the last two weeks of June. The core group plan to leave from Shoreham on 16th June and return to Shoreham around 1st July. The format will be very flexible, boats can start earlier or later and join and leave the main group at any point. There is no sign up cost but boats will of course pay all their own expenses, marinas, harbours etc. as they go.
The basic plan is to leave Shoreham on Saturday 16th and head directly for Weymouth going outside of the Isle of Wight. We will stop there and then the next step is to cross the channel probably to Alderney. From there we will probably make our way to St Peter’s Port Guernsey, then St Helier Jersey and maybe a French port or two. The return crossing is likely to be from Cherbourg directly back to Shoreham. A number of the ports would be suitable for crew changes if required.
Nobody can predict the weather that far in advance so we will have some alternative cruising areas in reserve, maybe just sticking to the English coast going west or even venturing east.
Interested skippers will get an opportunity to meet once or twice beforehand and influence the detailed plans for the cruise. We have about 7 boats currently interested, if you would like to join us or just have a chat about it please email