SYC Keelboat Handbook 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Sailing Season from your SYC Keelboat Section Committee.

Robin Stevenson (Committee Chairman)
Antony Tompkins (Joint Race Secretary)
David Nunn (Pursuit Racing & Results)
Jenny Worsfield (Joint Rally Secretary)
Kate Leigh (Trophies)
Martin O’Sullivan (Joint Race Secretary)
Tim Worsfield (Joint Rally Secretary)

We are contactable on the relevant WhatsApp groups, “SYC Racing”, “SYC Pursuiting” and “SYC Rallies” or by email through

The presentation and sections of the “handbook” have been revised and all of the Keelboat sailing information can now be found here in individual sections. These can be opened, downloaded and/or printed as you require: -

2 – Keelboat Summary Racing and Rally calendar including Race Officers
3 – RYA Racing Charter, Racing Overview and Notices of Races
4 – Notice of Rallies and Related Club Events
5 – General Keelboat Sailing Instructions and Safety Equipment
6 – Race Mark status
6a – Race Chart
7 – Yacht IRC Ratings, NHC and Pursuit Handicaps
8 – Administration
9 – Yacht of the Year
10 – Keelboat Trophies

Keelboat Section Handbook 2021

The Keelboat Sailing Handbook contains an overview of all the Keelboat racing at Sussex Yacht Club and functions both as a guide and as Notice of Race for each of the individual events and series.

It also contains the general keelboat sailing instructions, reference to mandatory keelboat safety equipment and other useful information for 2021.

The handbook first edition was issued 30 December 2020, but may be revised during the season, with notification of any changes communicated via the WhatsApp groups to all registered skippers.

Download the Keelboat Sailing Handbook v2b (issued 3 June 2021) in PDF here

If you just want a copy of the Race Chart it is available here

Keelboat Ratings & Handicaps 2021

The current NHC and IRC numbers are shown below. If you need help applying for an IRC number then please speak to someone on the Race Committee, see the Sailing Handbook elsewhere on these pages.

Whilst boats can apply for a revised IRC number a yacht will not have her rating within the club changed midway through a series. It is therefore possible that a yacht may have two different ratings when different series are run concurrently.

NHC numbers are the Base numbers and may change after each race according to the particular rules. IRC numbers shown below are currently valid for the Spring 2021 series onwards.

Latest SYC 2021 IRC Ratings and NHC Base Handicaps, click here >>