M8 - August 2021

Last updated 29 December 2021

DatesHigh Water times and heights (m)RacingRallyingDinghyTrainingSUPSPay & PlaySailabilityDivingSocial
1Sun5:404.8818:094.93Summer Inshore 7 - 10:00Cowes Week
2Mon6:384.6619:104.75Cowes Week
3Tue7:444.5520:164.70Cowes Week
4Wed8:534.621:214.81Cowes Week
5Thu9:554.8122:165.05Cowes Week
6Fri10:465.1223:055.34Cowes WeekClub Night
7Sat23:055.3411:315.46SUP Club - SafetyCowes Week
8Sun12:115.79XXLong Inshore Ferguson - 10:00Ferguson : 09:45SUP SocialReturn Cowes
9Mon0:265.9412:496.07Chichester Harbour Race Week
10Tue1:046.1413:266.27Chichester Harbour Race Week
11Wed1:416.2814:046.38Chichester Harbour Race Week
12Thu2:206.314:436.38Chichester Harbour Race Week
13Fri3:016.2215:246.26Chichester Harbour Race Week
14Sat3:446.0316:106.03Long Inshore Eastbourne - 08:00Eastbourne rallyRYA Safetyboat 09:00 **
15Sun4:325.7317:015.71Long Inshore Eastbourne return - 13:00Eastbourne rallyRYA Safetyboat 09:00 **
16Mon5:295.3918:035.40Youth Week
17Tue6:395.1219:165.19Youth Week
18Wed7:585.0320:365.18Youth WeekSummer Workshop 18:30 ** Ladies That Lunch
19Thu9:185.1821:485.37Youth Week Pop-up Resturant Night
20Fri10:245.4822:485.65Youth Week
21Sat11:195.8223:415.96SYC Cup - 10:00Powerboat L2 - 09:00 SUP Taster/Lesson
22Sun12:066.13XXOffshore Seaway Trophy - 10:30Powerboat L2 - 09:00 SUP Taster/LessonSail to Brighton for lunch - 09:30 Open Day
28Sat3:285.6715:485.62Long Inshore Black Rock - 13:00Black RockSUP River SafariSession 7 - 13:00Dive at home week
29Sun4:055.3216:275.27SUP Wildlife Safari Dive at home week
30Mon4:474.9817:104.93SUP Social BBQ/Bands Dive at home week
31Tue5:374.6518:084.63 Dive at home week


  • Yellow tint indicates weekends.
  • Green tint indicates bank holiday.
  • 'P' indicates race is classified as part of the pursuit race series
  • 'C' indicates race is classified as part of the club race series.
  • 'I' indicates race is classified as part of the inshore series.
  • 'O' indicates race is classified as part of the offshore series.
  • 'L' indicates race is classified as part of the long inshore series.

* The dive section is very active at SYC with mid-week and weekend diving. Plans are adjusted during the previous week to take into account weather, tide and water conditions, so for the latest news on planned dives please see the website http://brightondiving007.com and/or email info@brightondiving007.com for availability (you can also email a request to receive text messaging for updates on available spaces).


RYA Training

Details of all the superb training courses held at SYC with discounted prices for members can be found here.



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