M6 - June 2020

Last updated 27 February 2020

DatesHigh Water times and heights (m)RacingRallyingDinghyTrainingSailabilityDivingRowingSocialMain Slipway
2Tue8:595.521:295.9Family & Cadet 18:00
3Wed9:575.822:236.2 Onboard 1 18:30
4Thu10:506.123:136.4Pay & Play- 18:00
5Fri11:396.423:596.5Red Sea TripClub Night
6Sat12:256.52Summer Pursuit 3 - 1100Session 4 - 1000Red Sea Trip
7Sun0:456.4913:106.38Summer Series 3 - 1200SUP RIVER TRIPRed Sea Trip
8Mon1:286.413:556.2Red Sea Trip
9Tue2:136.114:396.0Family & Cadet 18:00Red Sea Trip
10Wed2:575.815:245.7 Onboard 1 18:30Red Sea Trip
11Thu3:425.516:125.4Pay & Play- 18:00Red Sea Trip
12Fri4:315.117:035.1Dieppe Race & Rally - 19:00SUP IntroRed Sea Trip
13Sat5:244.8818:004.93Tala Hina - 11:00Summer Cruise (going east to Netherlands)Summer Social Sailing 16:30 (Shoreham)RYA Safety Boat
14Sun6:264.719:014.85PHABSummer Cruise RYA Safety Boat
15Mon7:274.720:014.9Summer Cruise
16Tue8:294.820:575.0Summer CruiseFamily & Cadet 18:00
17Wed9:234.921:465.2Summer Cruise Onboard 1 18:30Ladies That Lunch
18Thu10:105.222:295.5Summer CruisePay & Play- 18:00
19Fri10:535.423:115.7Summer Cruise
20Sat11:345.6823:505.9Round Rampion - 11:00Summer CruiseSession 5 - 0900
21Sun12:145.87Summer CruiseSUP River TripSonar Wind Farm cruise
22Mon0:306.012:546.0Summer Cruise
23Tue1:106.113:356.1Summer CruiseFamily & Cadet 18:00
24Wed1:516.114:186.1Summer Cruise Onboard 1 18:30
25Thu2:356.014:036.0Summer CruisePay & Play- 18:00
26Fri3:225.915:535.9Summer CruiseMatch Racng event
27Sat4:145.7216:475.75Double Diamond - 11:00Summer Cruise
28Sun5:125.5317:475.61Summer Cruise


  • Yellow tint indicates weekends.
  • Green tint indicates bank holiday.
  • 'P' indicates race is classified as part of the pursuit race series
  • 'C' indicates race is classified as part of the club race series.
  • 'I' indicates race is classified as part of the inshore series.
  • 'O' indicates race is classified as part of the offshore series.
  • 'L' indicates race is classified as part of the long inshore series.

* The dive section is very active at SYC with mid-week and weekend diving. Plans are adjusted during the previous week to take into account weather, tide and water conditions, so for the latest news on planned dives please see the website http://brightondiving007.com and/or email info@brightondiving007.com for availability (you can also email a request to receive text messaging for updates on available spaces).


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