RYA Radar Course

radar 001Radar is an invaluable aid for navigation and collision avoidance but it is most useful in the hands of a knowledgeable operator. This is a one-day course popular with those on both sailing and motorboats.

Sailing and motor yachts increasingly have radar on board, and the aim of this course is to teach students to use small boat radar to assist in navigation, pilotage and avoiding collision.

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The course concentrates on getting a picture and how to best interpret it. Content includes: how it works (simplified), using the controls, understanding the screen, getting the best picture, avoiding collision, pilotage, navigation, radar reflectors and radar beacons.

The course is taught with the aid of radar simulator programs which allow for students to practice on exercises during the day. No previous experience with radar is needed, and those with radar already will be able to apply the course ideas to their own equipment. As with all courses, some prior reading will be an advantage, and a number of books including the RYA "Introduction to Radar" are available through SYC, chandlers and other suppliers.

After the course you should have sufficient knowledge, that with practice, you will be able to use the radar to help with collision risk assessment and navigation in reduced visibility. A RYA Radar course completion certificate will be issued at the end of the course.


The cost of this course which is based at the Sussex Yacht Club Shoreham club house is £100 for SYC members and £125 for non-members.

Course dates and times




 Radar Course 

Sunday 17th July 2022

 1 Day

These one day courses start at 09:00 and run through to 17:00 with a one hour break for lunch.

Materials & Equipment

Although the RYA Radar Course Notes RC/99 are included in course fee you will need to bring a notebook and pen, navigational plotter and dividers/compass.

Recommended Reading

  • Radar Afloat by Tim Barlett - Publishers Fernhurst IBSN Code 1-8986-6071-9

This publication will supplement the course notes and will provide a very valuable reference after the course.


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