Thursday 8th September 2022

On behalf of The Commodore, Officers, Members and Staff of Sussex Yacht Club, condolences are sent to the family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the sad news of her passing earlier today, Thursday 8th September 2022.

God save The King, King Charles III


From our Admiral, David Skinner:

As your Admiral and also as a long term Monarchist, I would like to add my words to those of The Commodore on the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth.

When Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne, I was serving her and our country in the Royal Sussex Regiment on National Service. Since then she has been our Queen for over seventy years giving total dedication to this role. I wish to salute you Ma’am and express my sadness at your passing; it is hard to imagine our great country without you. God save The King

Posted: September 8th 2022