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Sussex Yacht Club




SYCOPs or SYC (Operations) Limited by its establishment name is the subsidiary company set up to manage the in house bar and catering operations. As Sussex Yacht Club is classified as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) it has restrictions on the level of income it can receive from ‘trading’. The bar and restaurant operation is classified as trading.

The day to day management of SYCOPs is under The Club Steward and they in turn discuss club and other events with an Events Committee who guide The Steward. The Steward reports regularly to a Board of Directors Chaired by and appointed by The Commodore who draws in available expertise in areas of finance, health and safety, legal and operations.

The SYCOPs Board meet monthly as an operational committee to receive updates from The Steward and have formal Board meetings at least once per annum and thereafter as and when required

The Events Committee hold regular meetings and their minutes are available below

Constitution and rules

Find below the constitution and rules for SYCOP’s. The following constitution supports to set out the fundamental principles of our club and how we can ensure smooth functionality throughout.