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Who we are

Founded in 1892, Sussex Yacht Club (SYC) is a members’ sailing club with superb modern facilities. A home to yachts and boats of all sizes, our main clubhouse and extensive boatyard and moorings are on the river Adur, and our original clubhouse and locked moorings are inside Shoreham Port itself.

As our members are the heart of our club, our yacht club has been designed to be a welcoming space throughout.

SYC members fees and charges

SYC Members Fees and Charges 1st October 2023 – 30th September 2024

Budgets and accounts

Budgets and Accounts for Sussex Yacht Club

The budgets and accounts plan for Sussex Yacht Club is our tool to help ensure the clubs healthy future. Within our club budget and account you will be reassured on how we ensure the clubs ability to keep with its growing goals and ensure the longevity of the club for generations to come.

Environmental policies

Our enviromental policies and goals

Sussex Yacht Club recognises environmental protection as one of our guiding principles and a key component of providing sound club performance. We are committed to providing protection from the natural elements to our local community in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy club environment for our members and employees in impact on the environment.

We will operate in compliance with relevant environmental legislation, and we will strive to use environmental best practices in all we do.


Come and meet the current main committee and office staff at Sussex Yacht Club and our hospitality staff at Stow’s.

Club rules

Find below the constitution and rules for Sussex Yacht Club. The following constitution sets out the fundamental principles of our club

Safeguarding summary

Find below a summary of Sussex Yacht Club’s safeguarding policy as per the RYA guidelines.

Strategic development plan

Find below a copy of Sussex Yacht Club’s Strategic Development Plan from 2023.

Latest news

This is an area specifically to showcase the latest news from SYC. You will find an array of information from new photography announcements, messages from directors, opportunities specifically for SYC members, and any information needed to be shared between the club and its members. Take the time to have a look and see what your fellow members have been up to and their success.

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Company minutes

Main Committee Minutes
Annual Reports
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